Clayton Smalley Releases New Single, "His Guitar"

Clayton Smalley - His Guitar

“His Guitar” is the true story of Clayton Smalley’s grandmother giving him her father's 1935 Gibson guitar. Jerrels "Gabe" Clayton bought the guitar at a pawn shop in their hometown in Southern California and played it at a venue called The Rendezvous during the 50's . She gave the guitar to Clayton in 2019 after the release of his debut EP, Whiskey Sunrise. It still had the same strings on it from when his great grandfather played it last.
In a short two and half years Clayton has already charted two songs on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart and generated over 1.2 million streams across streaming platforms.  One can only imagine how proud Gabe would be to know Clayton is pursuing his passion for country music. 
The song was produced by David Flint and was written by Dave, Clayton and John Griffin.  The single artwork is a side by side image of Clayton and his great grandfather holding the guitar. The release date is January 7.